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Border Collie


The Border Collie was originally bred in Scotland and England to herd sheep. They are a supremo herding dog. Border Collies are the reigning world champion for most intelligent dog. This mostly has to do with their trainability, but the Border Collie has an additional sensitivity that makes them extra able to perform well on intelligence tests. The Border Collie is usually between thirty and forty five pounds.


Border Collies have limitless energy and require massive amounts of exercise to keep them from doing donuts in your living room. Border Collies are workaholics and do best when their mind and body is being challenged. These are a very intense dog. Border Collies are very sensitive and respond to the subtlest of cues from their owners. Border Collies will herd anything that dares to move. This could be livestock, children, squirrels, cars, bikes, or anything else. If it’s moving, the Border Collie is trying to herd it. Border Collies must be well socialized to ensure they do not become shy and withdrawn, overwhelmed by too many stimuli.

Best lifestyle for this breed

The Border Collie requires an active, purposeful home. Border Collies do not do well in a home where they have no job. If they don’t have a purpose, they will invent one. And given their past as herding animals, they may take it upon themselves to herd your children, which could cause them to nip at the children to move them. If you own a farm, you probably will not find a better farm assistant than a Border Collie. Many herders still breed and use them. Most breeders who breed for herding ability only judge a dog’s ability to herd and don’t pay much attention to how the dog is built. This makes the dogs they produce incredible herding animals, but they may not win a conformation show.